Extractions Due to Decay


virus-1812092_1920In even the healthiest of mouths, there is a constant battle between good and evil – well, a constant battle between your teeth and harmful bacteria, which is virtually the same. Every time you eat, particles and bacteria are introduced into your oral ecosystem. The
bacteria are fueled by sugars and other substances, which then produce acids that attack the enamel of your teeth. Fortunately, proper dental care combined with your mouth’s natural defenses can stave off the majority of would-be damage. However, we regularly see cases where the damage progresses irreversibly – usually due to poor oral care – and an extraction becomes necessary.

Tooth Anatomy

Decay is treatable at any stage, but neglected for long enough may result in a tooth (or teeth) that cannot be saved. At this point treatment usually involves removal. It’s important to note that a lack of pain doesn’t mean a lack of damage. Once you’re in pain, you’ve already passed several thresholds of treatable damage. Additionally, the first layer destroyed by decay is the outer enamel. Enamel is not living and very hard – you won’t feel any pain until it reaches the inner layers. However, being that the inner layer of dentin is softer, decay will spread faster through it than the enamel. Ultimately, the decay will reach the living tissues inside your tooth; at this point, you may be able to undergo root canal therapy, or you may require an extraction.

Having a Tooth Pulled

tooth-removal-02The process of an extraction isn’t scary – we will ensure you’re comfortable with the treatment plan, and work with you from start to finish. In fact, the purpose of the extraction is to relieve pain – once the decayed tooth is gone, your gum tissue will return to a healthy, uninfected state – as long as proper oral care is consistently practiced. We are practiced oral surgeons, and offer our highly-trained skills and services to ensure you are receiving the best and most comfortable treatment possible.

Extractions are important when they become necessary because dental decay is the presence of bacteria and infection inside a tooth. This can severely compromise your health, as untreated oral infections can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. In rare cases the infection can reach vital organs and become life-threatening. Our goal is to keep all of our patients healthy, from preventative care to restorative dental treatment. We may be doctors of teeth, but being healthy all over is a pretty good reason to smile, and we can help you with that.


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