The Only Reason You’ll Need for Wanting Dental Implants for Your Dentures

Bone Growth!!

Young or old, if you have dentures you are at risk for that “sunken jaw” look. It comes with the territory. As the prosthetic sits directly on the gums the bone shrinks, dentures become looser and you may even experience them slipping out at inopportune times. While complete dental implants are the industry standard of care for a missing tooth, not everyone is a candidate. For the rest of us, there’s a happy middle ground of securing your dentures with dental implants.

Many of us like to believe the worst part of losing teeth is the social stigma. The truth is actually worse than that. Just like with untreated tooth loss, the jawbone beneath dentures slowly (or quickly) deteriorates. This can be avoided with dental implants supporting your dentures.

Dental-ImplantsThe implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and used as an anchor for a secure fitting denture. Over time, the implants go through a process called osseointegrate, where they will fuse to your jawbone. This both encourages bone growth and keeps your smile in place. Often times we’re even able to modify a patient’s existing dentures to work with the new implant hardware.

If you’re ready to preserve your oral health, give us a call for a consultation. We’ll find out together if you’re a candidate for implant supported dentures and if your current prosthetic lends itself to an upgrade.

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